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UCL Centre for Digital Humanities



UCLDH: Ryan Baumann – visiting speaker

SarahDavenport10 January 2013

UCLDH is pleased to announce that Ryan Baumann will be visiting to give an informal talk.  Ryan is currently based at the Harvard Centre for Hellenic Studies, working on tools for digital commentary, and has previously worked with EDUCE at the University of Kentucky Centre for Visualization and Virtual Environments http://vis.uky.edu/.

His talk at UCLDH will detail various imaging techniques and their applications to ancient text-bearing artifacts, including 3D laser, micro-CT, and multispectral imaging. Using examples from real-world problems and data, the appropriateness of applying different techniques to different artifacts will be discussed.

All welcome.

Time: 17:30

Date: Wednesday 16th January

Location: G31 Foster Court