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British Academy Postdocs

Claire L HWarwick23 August 2011

The British Academy has just launched its latest call for Postdocs and the deadline is 12 October. We at UCLDH are always happy to welcome researchers with exciting new DH projects that fit well with our interests. So if you’d like to come to us to do a BA Postdoc, we’d be happy to talk to you about it. Time is quite short, so please get in touch with me (DM or email) asap, at the very latest by 12 September. That allows us time to discuss ideas, meet if possible, and talk about your application.

Your project will need to fit in well with what we do here. Also do remember that there isn’t usually much money for things like technical input, programmer time, digitisation etc in such grants, and we can’t pay for that ourself, so please read the guidlines carefully and make sure your project is possible given what’s covered in the budget. We can provide advice and help, but we won’t do all the techie stuff for you- that’s your job as a DH postdoc.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you….