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Digital Pedagogies event report

SarahDavenport17 June 2013

Report from Rachel Kasbohm:

UCL Centre for Digital Humanities, in partnership with the Higher Education Academy, hosted a FREE ‘unconference’* focusing on bringing together the e-learning and digital humanities communities to discuss the development of ‘Digital Pedagogies’ in University teaching last Thursday.

With nearly 20 proposed sessions, about 8 proposals had to be put on the ‘back burner’ for the time being. The voted in proposals were placed throughout the day, and delegates got to construct their own experience.

Regrettably, I couldn’t have sat in on all the sessions, but the sessions that were chosen received great feedback. Twitter proved to be an excellent communication between delegates in sessions together, as well as those in different ones and who couldn’t attend on the day.

The brief wrap-up session was the first time that delegates were together since the morning to discuss their experiences, ideas and outcomes of the day. Great feedback about the ‘unconference’ structure proved that perhaps the traditional conference structure doesn’t always provide a space for innovation and discussion. Indeed, one delegate stated that her only regret of the day was that she wasn’t able to attend all the sessions!

Below are links to material of both the sessions that took place and those that didn’t:

Even more delegate blogs of the day!

Do you have a blog post, session proposals or even more information? Please comment below to share!

Thank you again from all of us at UCL Centre for Digital Humanities and Higher Education Academy!