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Updated UCLDH Research Projects

By David Beavan, on 17 September 2012

We’ve been a busy bunch down at UCLDH HQ, and to show that, we’ve recently updated our Research Projects to include all the exciting research we’re currently engaged in. From my perspective, as Research Manager, it’s amazing to see how much we are involved in, the range of collaborations we have, and just how truly diverse the portfolio is:

From the future of web addresses and URLs to making museum and cultural heritage objects social, we’re involved, pushing the boundaries. Fancy listening to a computer/human music jamming session while reassembling ancient frescos, no problem. You can discover the Hidden Histories of Digital Humanities and how it took on the shape we are familiar with, or join in the crowd-sourced transcription collective that is Transcribe Bentham and learn more about document mark-up. We investigate the flow of populations, the future of reading, how to bring back to life damaged 17th century manuscripts and how the digital world will transform the cultural world. From the painless imaging of human speech to the re-use of European cultural objects, UCLDH is involved.

Of course you can always show others what DH means to you by creating an interactive word cloud from documents or Twitter hashtags. And it doesn’t end there, as we promote the Arts & Humanities and share our efforts via open educational resources, podcasts and Day of Digital Humanities blogging, not to mention encourage others to take part too.

Phew! It’s all on our new Research Projects page, take a look.

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