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Digital Humanities 2010

By Claire L H Warwick, on 22 March 2010

Registration is now open for the DH2010 conference which is being held at KCL this year from July 7-10. There is a special rate of for University of London employees £90 or £30 per day, so we hope that as many people as possible from UCL will attend.

This  is the major international meeting for DH and is a great way to make connections with other DH researchers. It is a very friendly gathering that actively welcomes newcomers. We also hope that it will be a good way for the wider DH community to find out more about what we are doing at UCL. Needless to say we know that there is already a great deal of interest in the DH world in what we are doing here.

This conference is particularly special for UCLDH, as Melissa Terras will be giving a plenary lecture entitled “Present not voting, digital humanities in the panopticon.” It’s good to know that she’ll be stressing our Benthamite heritage, perhaps in revenge for all those insults to the great man perpetrated by KCL students over the years!

There are also two other UCLDH papers and a poster which we are delighted about, since the acceptance rate for papers is now around 30%. Claire Ross, Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras and Anne Welsh will be giving a paper on academic use of twitter, Claire Warwick is also a co-author of a paper on collaborative research on digital humanities. Isabel Galina, a UCLDH research associate will also be presenting a poster on her work in DH at UNAM in Mexico where she is now based.

So please come and support Melissa and the other UCLDH researchers, and meet some new people who will doubtless be fascinated to hear about what is happening at UCL.