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Congratulations Isabel!

By Claire L H Warwick, on 5 March 2010

Isabel Galina Russell was the first PhD student at UCL DIS to complete a thesis on a Digital Humanities topic. Her PhD was awarded just after UCLDH began, and so we claim her as one of our own, and she has now become our first Research Associate. So Isabel is a real UCLDH pioneer.

She has just received the Highly Commended Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award for her thesis on the role of institutional repositories in informal scholarly publishing and communication.

Repositories have been set up by numerous institutions to aid in the management and dissemination of increasingly copious amount of scholarly electronic resources produced by academics. To date, most research has focused on formal publishing, mainly articles in repositories. This study focused on other types of digital resources that are outside the formal publishing framework. This is particularly relevant for Digital Humanities, as scholarly products produced in this field are of varied formats such as audio, videos, virtual reality, photographs, manuscripts, to name a few. Findings show that classification and acquisition schemes for these types of resources are still not fully developed and that there is a lack of cohesive discourse between repository objectives, their collection policies and actual work flow processes. There is a generalized interest in these types of resources but repository managers are still not sure how to handle them. A fundamental challenge, if academia is to move towards news forms of communication and publishing enabled by digital technologies, is to find ways to effectively name, manage and integrate these non formal electronic resources in order to disseminate and publish them more effectively.

Her thesis supervisors were Dave Nicholas and Claire Warwick, both of UCL DIS. The thesis is available from UCL Eprints . A member of Emerald Group Publishing Limited recently presented her with the award at the International Book Fair in Mexico City where she currently works at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México – UNAM (link:www.unam.mx).