Chemistry Christmas Squash

By Penny Carmichael, on 10 January 2014

-Article by Marion Brooks-Bartlett


Following the chemistry summer fun of the last squash tournament organised for computational and physical chemists, we extended the invitation to the whole range of staff and postgraduate chemists for Christmas. The setup of the tournament included a mini league and ending with knock-out rounds getting everyone fit and tired with so many games to play. This time the legendary squash-playing Prof Graeme Hogarth participated and easily obtained the gold. All this during his last week at UCL after 25 years! Good luck Graeme! This tournament marks the beginning of a chemistry squash league to start next year, when is still to be confirmed, but remember this is open to everyone- skilled and beginners, male and female, organic to physical and will hopefully be a league to continue for many years. So get involved!

– You can shed a few of those Christmas pounds by participating in the UCL Chemistry squash ‘ladder‘. All levels of playing ability are welcome. Contact Marion for login details.