The UCL Publishers’ Prize for Student Writing

By Britt S Van Klaveren, on 17 February 2014

Written by Gillian Fitzgerald-Kelly

The UCL Publishers’ Prize for Student Writing is a short story competition founded by ten members of the UCL MA in Publishing Studies. The Prize will be awarded to the best short story submission written by a student currently enrolled at UCL. Our Prize was launched on 3 February 2014, and the deadline for entry is 28 March 2014. The founders of this Prize are eager to uncover new and exciting writing talents within UCL. Our hope is to discover a talented young writer who we can go onto work with in the future. Our team members are wholly dedicated to this project and so excited to receive submissions. We are looking for excellent storytelling, and are thrilled to be a part of such an exciting Prize. The winning entries will be judged by a committee of future publishers, with input from guest judges currently working in the publishing industry and will be awarded a cash prize.

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