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    Publishing Project Update – The Bookseller Children’s Project

    By Lucy Broughton, on 29 October 2014

    So my group have the (lucky? unlucky?) position of being the first to have an update on our Publishing Project. Our project involves looking at the back issues of The Bookseller to chart the development of the now booming Children’s market. We’ve had loads of ideas since the very first meeting but unfortunately, because we haven’t had our meeting with our project leader at The Bookseller yet… I can’t tell you what those ideas are.

    I can tell you that we have already done loads of research at the British Library, after some mishaps with cards and complex ordering systems, and have already found some amazing things, including:

    • First reviews of Game of Thrones!
    • E-book predictions
    • A lot of Harry Potter mania from the early 2000s
    • Madame Doubtfire in 1987
    • Adverts for Noddy and The Railway Children
    • The first announcement for Sophie’s Choice

    So for now… we’ll just get back to research…













    Got enough books there Amanda?




    Plan Your Week (27/10)

    By Caroline A Murphy, on 26 October 2014

    Hello all! Here is the second instalment of the weekly calendar for you to plan any activities you find interesting…

    Monday 27th

    6.30 – 7.30pm: An evening with Nick Murphy and Chris O’Dowd – Moone Boy: The Blunder Years [Waterstones Piccadilly]

    6.15 – 7.30pm: Free lecture on The Giant Bibles of 12th-Century England by Christopher de Hamel [British Library] (Also on 28/29th).

    Tuesday 28th

    10am – 1pm: Sales, Marketing & Promotion – Chandler BO1

    2 – 5pm: Author Management – Bentham Room 4

    7 – 9pm: The Jane Austen Rules: A Classic Guide to Modern Love – Sinead Murphy [Waterstones Piccadilly]

    7 – 8pm: A History of the 20th Century in 100 Maps – Tom Haper & Tim Bryars [Waterstones Piccadilly]

    Wednesday 29th

    1.30 – 2.30pm: Lena Dunham signing - Not That Kind of Girl [Waterstones Piccadilly]

    6.30 – 7.30pm: Free Jazz concert at Foyles. (That sounds awesome. Go.)

    Thursday 30th

    10am – 1pm: Publishing Skills – Cruciform, Public Cluster

    2 – 5pm: Publishing Projects

    7 – 8pm: An evening with Conn Iggulden – Wars of the Roses [Waterstones Piccadilly]

    7 – 8pm: Turner, Portrait of the Older Artists [Waterstons Piccadilly] – for any budding artists!

    7pm: The Rev. Richard Coles discusses Fathomless Riches [Daunt Books, Marylebone]

    7pm – 8pm: Matt Parker: Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension [Foyles] – puzzles, anyone?

    Friday 31st


    7pm: Tomas Gonzalez: In the Beginning was the Sea [London Review Bookshop]

    (It’s Halloween and hand in day, as if you’ll be going to literary events…)

    Also, here is UCL event highlights

    Hope that’s enough info for you guys. If there’s any event you want publicising on here, just shout! (But do it on Twitter or something, because otherwise we might not hear you).

    Competition time!

    By Sam Bradbury, on 22 October 2014

    Each week we are planning to present a student profile for future employers to see. These profiles can include anything you think relevant, including personal information, CV, work experience, information on where you’d like to work – really anything you fancy.

    In order to make it fair, we will be running competitions each week in order to choose the student to focus on. This week, the competition is…

    Compose a Tweet that describes everything you love about the UCL Publishing course.

    Tweets can include photos, links and videos, but must include #UCLPubLove and be posted by midnight on Tuesday 28th October. The student who writes the best Tweet will be featured on here next week in whatever form they prefer.

    Happy Tweeting!

    Tweet of the Week!

    By Lucy Broughton, on 22 October 2014

    Each week we will pick a tweet that we think you just should not miss out on…

    This week, predictably, Tweet of the Week has to go to @DWill_ . With 17K retweets and 12K favourites, and the whole book industry expressing their jealousy of being trapped in a bookshop, you probably did see this… but it was definitely the highlight of Twitter this past week and I couldn’t not choose it!

    Bookshop sleepover anyone?

    Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.35.25

    Thought of the Week: “Information is not knowledge”

    By Alice Hughes, on 20 October 2014

    Not only was Albert Einstein the most famous scientist of the 20th century, he also said something crucial to the publishing industry.

    These words of wisdom were “Information is not knowledge”. Today, not only are more books being published, they are also being produced across copious physical and digital formats. When travelling through such an unpredictable, variable sea of literature, discoverability veers further and further from an unperturbed serendipitous browse, towards a tear-your-hair-out stressful experience.

    This week, in Marketing and Sales, James MacFarlane from BookGenie451.com is coming to speak to us. On their website you’ll find the all-too-familiar fact that ‘university students often spend up to 70% of their time searching for the right reading material’.

    Fortunately, students can now turn to BookGenie451 for assistance; this ingenious software uses multiple advanced, patent-pending algorithms to connect readers to what they need to read. So curation is a vital key for unlocking discoverability and reaching not only the right market, but also new audiences. After all, if it wasn’t for the way Faber and Faber packaged Eimear McBride’s Baileys Women’s Prize and Goldsmiths Prize-winning novel A Girl is a Half-formed Thing through its major advertising campaign including bus-side advertising; her experimental and truth-spilling work may not have stirred so many hearts.

    Let’s hope our Marketing and Sales session on Tuesday will give us the encouragement and think-out-of-the-box creativity we need, so we can curate our content in bold, astute and resourceful ways!